OM STEEL ENTERPRISES. was set up in 1985 with the object of bringing world class excellence steel Tool & Die Steels in India. Since then, innovative technology and strategic direction have led the company to a renowned position in the steel industry. Hand in hand with its sister concerns the company has become one of the leading Importer, Manufacturer and Stockist of steels, catering to the requirement of domestic and international customers. One of our greatest strengths lies in the quality and level of response to customer needs. Our objective is to provide quality service to the requirements of all customers both big and small scale . To this effect we are having a chain of warehouses / service centres through out India. Our group has a large team of highly trained engineers and a national dealer network – to meet our customer’s exacting requirements. We also have branches in the major cities of India to support our customers better.

The company is the regular manufacturer and supplier of Forged & Rolled Steels which is used as hot work die steel, cold work die steel, Plastic moulding steels, die blocks, nitriding steel, case hardening steel, high speed steel, etc. Conforming to grades falling under various Indian Standards and International standards such as I.S., I.R.S. (Indian), BSS (British), DIN (German), GOST (Russian), AISI/ SAE/ASTM (American), AFNOR (French), CSN (Czechoslovakian), JIS (Japanese), UNI (Italian), Bchler (Austrian), as well as our customer’s own specification.

The company’s product are used for manufacture of critical components such as gears, including Extrusions, die castings, rolls, aircraft landing gears, ball bearings, crankshaft, cam shafts, connecting rods, axle shafts, piston, gudgeon pins, valves, drilling tools, fasteners, dies, shafts, seamless tubes, forging etc. These components find usage in important equipments and machinery such as aircraft, defense equipment, railways, locomotive engines and wagons, heavy electrical equipment, turbines, tractors, diesel engines, chemical plants and equipment, turbines for thermal power plants, machine tools, textile machinery, automobiles etc.

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