We at Om Steel Enterprises are one of the expert merchants and suppliers of extensive variety of High Speed Steel.

For modern industrial production, especially on mechanical and CNC large scale manufacturing, tooling is one of the key variables relating for the performance of shaping and forming processes.

All devices utilized for this object are produced using high speed steels. The utilization of high speed steels has additionally increased expanding significance for chipless shaping, eg. for extrusion, blanking and punching tools. High Speed Steels are high-performance unique steels offering high hardness at temperatures up to 500°C and high wear resistance, on account of alloying components like tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and chromium which can frame carbides. To enhance hot hardness, cobalt may likewise be included.

High Speed Steels can be created either by customary course or by powder metallurgy.HSS chemical composition distinctly differentiates between W-, Mo- and W-Mo alloyed steel grades, which contain different amounts of carbon, vanadium and cobalt elements to strengthen its own occurrence.

These steels bar are accessible in different grades and sizes according to the details of customers. Items offered by us are generally sued to fabricate extensive variety of machines and various types of tools.We makes sure that models are gone through various parameters check so that we can offer our clients flawless range.



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