We at Om Steel Enterprises are prominent as most exceptional steel makers and suppliers to various sorts of commercial ventures like high quality Nitriding Steel which finds extensive application in high stress industrial structure.

Nitriding steel are accessible in round bar, level bar and steel plate. Nitriding is a warmth treatment prepare that acquaints nitrogen into the surface of a steel and dependant on the material and nitriding process, a nitride case profundity of 0.05mm up to 0.50mm can be accomplished. With a high surface hardness nitriding steel grades offer expanded wear resistance. This can enhance exhaustion life furthermore enhance the corrosion resistance (however not for stainless steel grades). Nitrided steels are for the most part medium-carbon (extinguished and tempered) steels that contain solid nitride-framing components, for example, aluminum, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum.

The most important solidifying is accomplished with a class of amalgam steels (nitralloy sort) that contain around 1% Al. At the point when these steels are nitrided the aluminum frames AlN particles, which strain the ferrite lattice and create strengthening dislocations. Titanium and chromium are additionally used to upgrade case hardness in spite of the fact that case depth decreases as alloy content increases.

Of the alloying components normally utilized as a part of business steels, aluminum, chromium, vanadium, tungsten and molybdenum are are beneficial in nitriding because they form nitrides that are stable at nitriding temperatures. Molybdenum notwithstanding its commitment as a nitride previous additionally decreases the danger of embrittlement at nitriding temperatures. Other alloying components, for example, nickel, copper, silicon and manganese have little, assuming any, impact on nitriding qualities.

We contribute our earnest attempts to ensure that our Nitriding Steel are best as far as quality according to industry models and they are accessible at an exceptionally sensible value range and in various sizes according to client prerequisites.



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