Forging as an artistic expression began with the desire to deliver beautiful items from valuable metals. Today, forging is a noteworthy overall industry that has essentially added to the advancement of man. The forging of steel from old times has been viewed as a strenuous physical work and in the meantime a workmanship. Working with steel warmed to a high temperature of almost 1000 deg. centigrade, to give it a high level of distortion in a brief period before it loses its versatility, requests a lot of exertion combined with a high level of ability. Amid forging, the structure of the metal changes in two oppositely inverse bearings, and gets to be sinewy. Forging, when contrasted with moving, results in a more prominent level of disorientation of the fibre of the metal bringing about predominant mechanical properties.

At Om Steel Enterprises, we have pioneered in the design and manufacture of forged components since 1985. Forging is the only business we are involved in, and we believe that we do it right. Since our customers are always satisfied with our expertise in this field, our experience is what you can count on. At Om Steel Enterprises, we have complete capability at every step.

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