We at Om Steel Enterprises are the most exceptional steel makers and suppliers to various types of commercial ventures of case hardened steel items which are of the best quality in the business. These Case Hardening Steel render better toughness and hardness to delicate iron metals with the goal that they can be connected for long lasting use.

An tough core and a hard case are the sought qualities of case-hardened steel components. This mix of properties gives wear resistance and weariness quality at the surface, and effect quality in the center. It is accomplished via carburizing the segment's surface, then extinguishing and treating the part. Carburized components include gears of all kind, camshafts, universal joints, driving pinions, link components, axles and arbours. Every one of these parts must oppose wear and fatigue, have inherent toughness, and still be machinable.

General applications includes:


Case-solidified segments are required in any motor driven vehicle, whether it's a little auto, a racecar, a truck or a sea vessel.

Energy generation:

Gear wheels parts need to withstand cyclic stretch and wear in hydroelectric force stations, wind-turbine generators, propeller drives of boring apparatuses and steam-turbine gears of power stations.

General mechanical engineering:

Applications in this area include forging presses, metal rolling equipment, machine tools; drivelines of mining equipment and heavy-duty transmissions; earthmoving equipment and heavy-duty construction cranes. Wear resistance and good fatigue strength are always key characteristics of the case-hardened steels used for these applications.



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